119 Marketing Ideas for Photographers

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It is true that word of mouth and referrals are the best way a photographer can get new clients. However, it can be difficult to get referrals if you are just starting out, have taken a lot of time off, or want to grow your business like crazy. Great marketing can help you do this.

This resource is exactly what the title suggests, a huge list of marketing ideas that work well for photographers. Many of them are free or cost very little and with some effort you can do all of them yourself. The ideas cover topics related to search engines, social media, email marketing, websites, promotions, print marketing, and client service.

Here are a few examples of ideas you will find in this book:

“Make YouTube Videos: The second largest search engine is YouTube. In addition, YouTube videos appear directly in Google search results. Make videos and post them online using websites like Keep it simple, if you aren’t comfortable going on camera - you can make slideshows of your images and add music in the form of a YouTube video. You could also do behind the scenes or make videos your target market would find useful, such as how to prepare for a photo session or tips on planning weddings. Use keywords in the videos title and description so it ranks well in search engines. You can embed the YouTube videos in a blog post that contains the same keywords to get two listings for that word’s search results.”

“Personalized referral cards: Include wallet size prints of a favorite image from your session or wedding with any orders. Add your contact info on the back of the images so they can be used as referral cards (printed directly or use labels). Your client will hand the wallets out to their friends and family.”

“Partner with local businesses: Partner and cross market with other local businesses that target the same clientele - event planners, bakeries, party stores, makeup artists, stylists, children’s activities, birth educators, fitness centers, etc.”