Start a Successful Photography Business in 34 Days Companion Website

Welcome! Below you will find the resources and templates referenced in the book.

Questions from the Book:  DOC or PDF

Contracts & Model Release Examples

The contracts below are for example and information purposes only. You should have any legal document you use for your business reviewed by a professional to ensure accuracy and protection for your own business.

  • Portrait Contract: DOC or PDF
  • Wedding Contract : DOC or PDF
  • Model Release for a Minor: DOC or PDF
  • Model Release for an Adult: DOC or PDF


  • Quickstart Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses: Excel 
  • Alternate 12 Month Cash Flow Spreadsheet from Link
  • Alternate Profit and Loss Projection Spreadsheet from Link
  • PDF Brochure Example: currently being updated. Please check back soon. 
  • Annual Marketing Plan Template: Excel 
  • Wedding Photography Questionnaire: DOC or PDF
  • Wedding Photograph Checklist: DOC or PDF

Branding Board Examples



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